Switch OC Suite

Overclocking suite for Horizon OS (HOS) running on Atmosphere CFW. Licensed under GPL v2.



  • Overclocking in general will shorten the lifespan of some hardware components. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for any problem or potential damage if unsafe frequencies are ENABLED in sys-clk-OC. Issues like asking for bypassing limit will BE IGNORED OR CLOSED WITHOUT REPLY.
  • Due to HorizonOS design, instabilities from unsafe RAM clocks may cause filesystem corruption. Always make backup before enabling DRAM OC.


For Erista variant (HAC-001)
  • CPU Overclock (Safe: 1785 MHz)
    • Unsafe
      • Due to the limit of board power draw or power IC
      • Unlockable frequencies up to 2091 MHz
      • See README for sys-clk-OC
  • DRAM Overclock (Safe: 1862.4 MHz)
For Mariko variant (HAC-001-01, HDH-001, HEG-001)
  • CPU / GPU Overclock (Safe: 1963 / 998 MHz)
    • Unsafe
      • Due to the limit of board power draw or power IC
      • Unlockable frequencies up to 2397 / 1305 MHz or 2295 / 1267 MHz
      • See README for sys-clk-OC
  • DRAM Overclock (Safe: 1996.8 MHz)
Modded sys-clk and ReverseNX-RT
  • Auto CPU Boost
    • For faster game loading
    • Enable CPU Boost (1785 MHz) when CPU Core#3 (System Core) is stressed (mainly I/O operations).
    • Effective only when charger is connected or governor is enabled.
    • This feature is considered unsafe on Erista, especially when combined with high GPU frequency or with governor enabled.
  • CPU & GPU frequency governor (Experimental)
    • Adjust frequency based on load. Might decrease power draw but can introduce stutters. Can be turned off for specific titles.
  • Set charging current (100 mA - 2000 mA) and charging limit (20% - 100%)
    • Long-term use of charge limit may render the battery gauge inaccurate. Performing full cycles could help recalibration, or try battery_desync_fix_nx.
  • Global Profile
    • Designated a dummy title id 0xA111111111111111.
    • Priority: "Temp overrides" > "Application profile" > "Global profile" > "System default".
  • Sync ReverseNX Mode
    • No need to change clocks manually after toggling modes in ReverseNX (-RT and -Tool)
System Settings (Optional)See system_settings.md


  1. Download latest release.
  2. Copy all files in SdOut to the root of SD card.
  3. Grab x.x.x_loader.kip for your Atmosphere version, rename it to loader.kip and place it in /atmosphere/kips/.
  4. Customization via online loader configurator
    CPU OC2397 MHz Max2091 MHz Max
    CPU Boost1785 MHzN/A
    CPU Volt1235 mV Max1235 mV Max
    GPU OC1305 MHz MaxN/A
    RAM OC1996 MHz Max1862 MHz Max
    RAM VoltDisabledDisabled
    RAM TimingAuto-AdjustedDisabled
  5. Hekate-ipl bootloader Only
    • Add kip1=atmosphere/kips/loader.kip to boot entry section in bootloader/hekate_ipl.ini.
How to build this project
  1. Grab necessary patches from the repo, then compile sys-clk, ReverseNX-RT and Atmosphere loader with devkitpro.
  2. Before compiling Atmosphere loader, run patch.py in Atmosphere/stratosphere/loader/source/ to insert oc module into loader sysmodule.
  3. When compilation is done, uncompress the kip to make it work with configurator: hactool -t kip1 Atmosphere/stratosphere/loader/out/nintendo_nx_arm64_armv8a/release/loader.kip --uncompress=./loader.kip

Frequently Asked Questions

How to enable unsafe frequencies in sys-clk-OC?
I would like to bypass limit enforced in sys-clk to improve handheld performance without charger connected.
  • Never will it be implemented here, or work out of the box.
  • You have to modify the code yourself for your own use. If you are to share modified binaries you have made based on this project publicly, make sure to comply with GPL v2 licenses.


Configure frequencies and voltages to suit your hardware and preferences.